Wednesday, 29 August 2012

One week to go!

It's the final week of the holidays here in Devon and I'm busily trying to get the next term's lessons planned taking inspiration from stories. If I have time, I'm going to try to search out some schools to share ideas and outcomes; successes and learning opportunities. Oh and I need to head to the garden centre for some supplies.

This year marks the start of a new project at my Forest Schools: developing, testing and refining some of the Grower's Nation Education resources and lessons for primary schools. The more time I spend thinking about the project the more avenues my brain seems to wander down. There's so much potential for maths, English and science before we even leave the classroom to work on social skills and physical strength in the veg. patch; but we'll be out there (unless there's a storm or high wind) from week one.

The app developers and researchers are hard at work sorting out the Grower's Nation app, which I know the children will love to use. I'm hoping that we can make a start on interviewing local gardeners for the wiki when the ground becomes too cold and hard for little hands to work on.

I'm excited about getting the children I work with more involved with growing their own produce and hopefully we'll be able to cook some over the fire too. I'm also hoping that some of the children will be writing a few blogs to give you their perspective of the project, after all it's their experiences that matter!

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