Monday, 4 February 2013

Roots and Shoots

Clearly a space craft window!
Today my gardener put me (with my sister) in some cotton wool and then, for some reason, put me in a zippy bag. At that point I was very confused! I overheard that they were going to put me in a space window which is some sort of clear plastic thing hanging on the wall.


My second week of being on the wall wasn't very fun. I kept on falling off. It was kind of like a roller coaster ride but then it stopped because my gardener put me back up!


It hasn't been a very good week because my sister has gone mouldy. There is an up side because I have started to germinate, FINALLY! I'm really excited that I have germinated because all the other beans in the other windows had already germinated and I was feeling left out. I am now in happy land!"
Extract from a diary written by Abby, age 9.

Happy land indeed! The space beans (or at least most of them,) have germinated. The children are still excited about the project and have started to write their first diary entries from their beans' perspectives. We've secured the 'spacecraft windows' to the wall more efficiently and they don't seem to tumble quite so readily when the children let the classroom door swing shut with its full force: gravity will not defeat us so easily in our growing of space plants!

I'm hopeful that my colleagues won't venture into the abandoned play shed in the near future, as we've set up our 'compost tea' factory behind the Wellington boots. The children have been bringing in vegetable and fruit peelings from home to add to the blend. I'm hoping it will be a refreshing and invigorating blend of potato with citrus tones - we'll have to wait and see what the beans make of it... 

This project is adapted for the classroom (by children) from the experiments of astronaut Don Pettit in Diary of a Space Zucchini.

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